Confidence Toolkit

When we let our inner light shine, our whole life becomes illuminated. 

Confidence is a feeling, but it's also a skillset. It's learning how to trust yourself and follow your own lead. The oppressive structures in our world (capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy, etc) actually benefit when our confidence is depleted; in fact, they teach us to mistrust our own instincts very early on. If every human being had the love, support, and resources we need, we'd innately trust ourselves and these systems would become obsolete.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to become bigger, badder, and bolder, I enthusiastically support you!

Maybe you're looking for the confidence to start your dream project, or to quit a job you hate. Maybe you're trying to change the way you approach dating, or maybe you're working up the courage to leave a stagnant relationship. Perhaps you're considering raising your prices in your business, but you need some encouragement and affirmation.

Profoundly, when we embrace our brilliance, we remind others that they can do the same.

I created this Confidence Toolkit for my people; the big-hearted lovers and givers. You so deserve to walk through the world, head high and heart open, asserting yourself, advocating for yourself, and receiving all of life's blessings with a deep and intrinsic confidence. When you take up more space, the world gets more of YOU! And that's a beautiful thing.

Here's what's inside:

  • A downloadable activity workbook
  • A ritual
  • A guided meditation

Go get 'em, jungle cat.

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