A Stripper's Guide to Love

by Leilah

This book, like its author, is a Trojan horse. As a stripper, coach, and anti-misogyny advocate, Leilah wields her wit, charm, and femininity in the fight for collective liberation. A Stripper’s Guide to Love is the first of its kind in the personal growth industry, capturing the unique wisdom of a sex worker to provide a thorough examination of the ways our interpersonal dynamics are often rooted in, and reflective of, larger systems of oppression.

Patriarchy, white supremacy, and capitalism dominate our mainstream culture. When we find ourselves in relationships that hurt – whether they be platonic, romantic, family, professional, collaborative, or otherwise – we can begin to see how these systemic oppressors might be driving the struggle.

In her signature transformative style, Leilah leads readers through a process of liberating their relationships for better harmony, stronger trust, and an ever-deepening intimacy – with self, with others, and with the world at large.   

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