A Stripper's Guide to Love

My upcoming book, A Stripper's Guide to Love, is for the big-hearted feel-it-alls, like me. It's for all those who want love, connection, and liberation more than anything, but find yourself in despair when your visions for personal intimacy or collective social justice don't pan out.

If I've learned anything, it's that, when I feel overwhelmed in such a way, I can re-focus on the things that are within my power to change. How are systems of oppression evident in my relationships? Where can I shift my perspectives? How can I hold my ethics as boundaries with people who want to be close to me?

Stripper's Guide to Love is a how-to for just that. We can't experience true intimacy in relationships with people (including ourselves) who hold oppressive beliefs. My book guides the reader, via text and hands-on activities, through a process of facing and dismantling systemic oppression in your very own life, so you can have stronger, more durable, more intimate relationships.

You're going to need them for the revolution.

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