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So, You Wanna Date a Stripper?

Feb 28, 2022

Many strippers know what it's like to be with a  romantic partner who becomes jealous and possessive about our jobs. Actually, unfortunately, this happens to femmes and women across every single labor sector, not just the sex industry. That's because the problem's not us or our jobs. The problem is misogyny. Listen to my latest podcast episode, "Hot Femmes. Jealous Lovers.", or scroll down for my full article, So, You Wanna Date a Stripper?




So, You...

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The Daddy Issue

Feb 21, 2022

The phrase “daddy issues” often gets thrown around as a cultural joke or a meme. Maybe it rubs you the wrong way, and maybe you can’t even explain why. If that sounds familiar, allow me to help you put your finger on it. Check out this week's podcast episode featuring my amazing colleague, Tanesha (Fecund Maiden), and keep scrolling for the blog post!




The Issue with Daddy Issues

All my life I’ve known...

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Date Smarter. Not Harder.

Feb 14, 2022

Photo & graphics by A Stripper's Guide

I spent most of my twenties bouncing between relationships and situationships that ended in heartbreak or disappointment. For so long, I didn't know how to set boundaries around what kind of treatment I will or won't tolerate, and I didn't know that it was possible, let alone acceptable, to be brutally honest about what I want and need.

My current girlfriend, A, has a similar history. But, by the time we met in 2020, we were both already...

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Making Use of Shame

Feb 07, 2022

Photo by Tifani Truelove. Graphics by A Stripper's Guide. 

Shame, unaddressed, can have catastrophic effects on our relationships. When we are too ashamed to admit our true needs or desires, we hide--from the people we love, and, often, even from ourselves. When we hide, we deny others the opportunity to truly get to know us; we deny intimacy. Confronting that of which we are ashamed is essential if we want grow, both as individuals and in our...

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Jan 31, 2022

Photo by Tifani Truelove. Graphics by A Stripper's Guide

Do your love affairs feel like emotional roller coasters? Do you feel like you have to hide parts of yourself to please your partner(s)? Do you know you need to cut someone out of your life, but always seem to find excuses to let them back in?

This week on A Stripper's Guide Podcast, you get to meet my amazing, beautiful, smart, talented, caring client, Genie. This episode is a recording of a real Breakup Coaching...

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