Allyship Coaching

For cis men, the loved ones of sex workers, researchers, & members of the media


Allyship Coaching is for:

  • friends, family, and lovers of sex workers
  • researchers
  • members of the media
  • members of the general public 

In this judgment-free zone, you will be invited to ask any questions you might have about sex work, including questions about being in relationship with a sex worker. I will help you work through any confusion, curiosity, or concerns you may have.

If you approach our sessions with openness and a willingness to expand yourself and your worldview, you will come away with tools and knowledge for creating positive change, both in your personal life and in the world around you.

During our work together, you'll develop a better understanding of yourself, the sex workers who may be around you, and how you can take sex worker-inclusive values into your life, your work, your art, and your relationships.

Single session: $650
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4 sessions: $2500
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8 sessions: $5050
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