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A Stripper's Guide


My name is Leilah Feinstein.

I'm a stripper, writer, musician, and an advocate for sex workers and femmes. I'm the founder of A Stripper's Guide, a multimedia platform that provides resources and support for the communities I serve, as well as sex worker-inclusive feminist education for the general public.

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Mission Statement

Get to Know Us

Sex workers are all around you. We are your neighbors and your coworkers. We’re your friends, your lovers, your children and your parents. It’s time for the world to embrace us as the valuable and integral members of society that we are.


It is the mission of A Stripper's Guide to help make society safe and inclusive for sex workers, because that will, in turn, help ensure the safety of all femmes, queer/gender expansive people, and women -- for whom oppression is part of our daily lives.


Whether it's coming from wider societal messaging or our very own friends and family, misogyny can affect everything from our intimate relationships to our careers to our mental health and our physical safety.

Sex workers are the canaries in society’s mine, and harm to us measures the levels of toxic masculinity and gender-based violence in our communities. How the world treats sex workers is a measure of how it treats all femmes, women, and queer people.

Sex workers have always been here and we're not going anywhere. A Stripper's Guide is dedicated to bridging the gap between us and everyone else, because it's long past time that we are recognized -- not only in our humanity, but for the unique wisdom we carry.

The Movement

A Stripper's Guide


Support & Visibility for Sex Workers & Femmes

our voices and experiences matter


Anti-Misogyny Education

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